Basic Kitchen Skills for the Blind

 Basic Skills Series

Our "Future Goal" is to provide you with the skills to make any recipe you desire.

Choosing your cutlery is important it needs to fit you as an individual.

If you need a guard choose one that is well fitted to the type of knife you use and your  cooking style and abilities. 


Basic Series: #1 - Knife Skills Nylon & Color Contrast Choices

Basic Series: #2 -  Knife Guard Choices

Need a knife guard? Make a wise, informed, choice, your hands will thank you. 

Basic Series: #3 – “Claw Method “Skills to begin knife use. 

Blind & Vision Loss Help with skills for safer knife hold, useful for cooking any recipe where you need fresh food preparation skills.


Basic Series: #4 – “Pinch Method “Skills  for knife holding 

Knife hold Skills by a vision impaired chef for blind and sight impaired cooks.

Hold is the starting point for the beginner learning to use a knife and more important explained for blind and vision loss cooks. 









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