New Your Steak Recipe

New York strip with pepper horse Sauce


2 Tbsp butter

Tbsp olive oil

Two New York Strip Steaks

Peppercorns two tablespoons fresh ground, course ground

Sea Salt one tablespoon

Tbsp butter

Tbsp olive oil

Make sure you pat the steaks dry.

Put salt and pepper on a plate and dip the dried steaks in the Seasonings

1TBSP Per Steak course ground pepper, fresh ground

Heat the pan with the oil and butter 30 more seconds or until you hear it is melted. Add seasoned Steaks carefully with tongs to pan,

Cook at medium heat on one side three minutes and then on the other three minutes, Or until the internal temperature reaches desired doneness.

We like 135 use meat thermometer.

Remove from pan put on plate or put in foil lightly wrapped to rest, they ran a long way to get here now they need to rest a few minutes while you make the sauce, let the juices return to the meat.

After steaks are removed: Stand back a little when you Deglaze the pan with white wine, add beef base and horseradish optional, whisk together.

Reduce to half by simmering about five minutes.

Add half and half or whipping and other tbsp of butter let thicken slightly, by simmering very low simmer about three minutes to let seasonings mingle; It should coat the back of a spoon slightly.

Taste for seasonings then adjust if needed. Serve on a piece of flatbread,

To prepare flatbread use raw pizza dough rub with olive oil and make into a six inch circle, Sprinkle with a pinch of garlic salt and pepper.

Cook on a flat top grill, heated pan or iron skillet for about one and a half minutes per side or until slightly crisp, you can begin to smell them, turn and repeat.

Remove bread from heat and put on plate, place your steak on top of the bread top with a line of your peppercorn sauce, or serve the sauce on the side.

Pizza dough recipe available on Cooking Without Looking Site.



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