Ice Cream Dessert - Easy

Easy Ice Cream Dessert

For this recipe You can use any type Ice Cream you like and only your imagination limits the possibilities "I Use French Vanilla".

Ice Cream French Vanilla

2 scoops per portion

Coconut or your favorite nut toasted

Hot fudge topping

Caramel Topping

Gourmet Cookie

Whip Cream Can of fresh whipped

As much as you like of the toppings


Scoop the Ice cream into round balls,then return them to the freezer.

Then Take the Coconut or nuts and toast in the oven or on the stove top until you smell the fragrance of the toasting:

There will be a change in texture and smell when they are toasted, they will start to sound crunchy and smell good.

Then Cool the nuts or coconut to room temp.

Take the Balls of Ice Cream and roll them in the Coconut or Nuts.

Put in the serving dishes.

This can be done a day ahead.

Then right before serving, microwave the toppings,(make sure there is no metal on the jars or bottles) about 20 seconds until warm.

Top each Ice cream dish of scoops with warm topping.

For a added touch add Whip cream and a gourmet cookie.

Change it up with fruit and sauce raspberry liquor and pistachios, AGAIN THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.

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