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Meat Thermometer 3-preset temperatures Cow Shape

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Meat Thermometer, Chef Pals cute cow shaped thermometer

Vision Impaired Benefit:

No digital screen to read, just set to the temperature you want your meat cooked to and it will mooo when your meat is done.


3 USDA settings for beef.

Works for a large variety of meats and food beyond beef such as fish, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb.

Simple easy to use design


Switch is on the belly of the little cow near the two front feet. Holding the cow belly up HEAD towards YOU, FEET up towards the ceiling,

the lever or switch pushed to the far right side is OFF position -

1 click over is WELL DONE -

1 more click over is MED. WELL

The Furthest to the Left or last is MED. RARE.

The settings are:

WELL DONE BEEF TEMP. 170 F - Also Turkey, Chicken and well done Lamb Temperature is 170 F

MEDIUM BEEF 160 - Is also the proper temp for Pork, Sausage and Medium Lamb.

MED RARE BEEF 145 F - is also the setting for Fish, Med. Rare Lamb.

Cute and easy for vision impaired to use, probe with 3 foot cord.

Safe meat cooking for the blind, this meat thermometer has an audible mooooo when the desired setting is reached. It also has a flashing light for those with some vision.

Not only is this new kitchen gadget cute as can be, it's also really easy to use and accurate. Simply place the steel probe into the center of the meat for each designated animal, extend the 36" heat resistant cable outside the oven or pan, and place the alarm unit on the kitchen counter or secure it to the front or top of the oven with the magnetic feet. Then, leave the rest of the cooking up to your CHEF, it will call you when your meat is done.

Details :

Chef Pal's thermometer - Beef/Cow/Moo!

Unique cow shape white cow with white and black spots.

Selections are Med Rare, Medium or Well Done. Beef Instructions:

1. Clean or sanitize the probe and cable before and after use.

2. Insert the probe deeply into the center of the beef and make sure the probe is away from the bone to get an accurate measurement of the internal temperature.

3. The main unit animal shaped unit should remain outside the oven door closed.

4. Turn on the unit (The ON/OFF slide switch is located at the bottom of the main unit). The unit will “Moo” and the LED will light up once turned on.

5. Use the selector switch on the bottom of the device to select the doneness of your meat.

6. Attach the main unit to the outside of your oven with the included magnetic feet or simply place on the counter top.

7. The alarm sounds and light flashes when beef is done (WELL DONE 170, MEDIUM 160, MED RARE 145).

8. Turn off the unit after use.

9. Clean the thermometer with a sanitizer and put away. Battery Replacement: 1. To replace the batteries, open the battery compartment at the bottom of the main unit.

2. Replace the old batteries with 2 new LR44 batteries according to the polarity sign on the compartment cover.

3. Close the battery compartment after replacement.

CAUTION: Unit is not waterproof

Never place the whole unit in an oven.


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