Sharp People Keep Sharp Knives

 "Sharp people Keep Sharp Knives"

Never run your knives threw the dishwasher, the alkaline in the dish washing detergent dulls the blade.

Dull blades will cut you by accident more frequently than a sharp one will.

Always use a knife cleaning brush or cutlery brush to clean your sharp utensils and knives, (not a cloth) then you will not be in danger of being cut so easily.

The brush covers and cleans the blade, keeping your hands safer.

NEVER PUT YOUR KNIFE IN A SINK WITH OTHER DISHES OR WHERE YOU WILL GET A SHARP SURPRISE...... *CLEANING-Hold the knife by the handle down into the sink with water running, put a dab of soap on the brush, use the brush to clean the knife blade, rinse with clear water and put in a safe place to dry.

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