Just Crumbs?

 Wise Use of Your Leftover Bread Ends,

Bread French,Italian, whole grain or any leftover makes a great crouton or garlic bread.

It only takes a few minutes, as you have leftover ends cut them in cubes and put in a pan, place in a dry place uncovered or where air can flow for drying.

When ready to bake preheat oven to 350,

Drizzle it with Garlic powder a little butter, Olive oil, cracked pepper, and seasoning of your choice, stir around in pan, latex gloves work great for this type of task, then brown in the oven 3 minutes,

toss or stir and go again 2-3 minutes in the oven again.

FRESH "Garlic Croutons".

You will smell when they are done it smells life garlic bread.

Golden brown, feel crisp when you pat with your spatula or shake the pan they will click.

You can also do the same for large crustini for onion soup or appetizer snacks

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