Holiday Prepare to Enjoy The Day!

Now is the time to begin planning for easy stress free holiday success:

If you have a little free time and feel like rolling out a pie crust or making up some nice little tart shells, making a simple syrup, fruit compote for filling, chutney, flavored butter, any component that will freeze up nicely for your holiday dinner puts you steps ahead.

Making these items now will free up valuable time for relaxing enjoying family.

Now when I say item I don’t mean complete items or even baking the items off. I just mean making the parts crusts, fillings, toppings or parts, then doing that last minute baking the day of. No one needs to or even should know or be able to detect you worked ahead.

So, when you put your menu together think: What items can I do ahead that will not hurt the quality?

I am sure there will be many on the list.

Think organized then be organized with your list and your preparation.

Keep Cookin…..

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