Herb Saving

 Save Herbs Now For a Winter Day – Just saving in the rain?

Today here it is rainy, late in summer and I have noticed the herbs in the garden have good growth.

So why not save now for a winter Pesto, Sauce, Pico, Flavored oil, Stew, Soup or whatever goes nicely with your herbs that are growing best.

1st - Just go to the garden and pinch back your herbs.


2nd -The rain gave them one rinse - wash them again, spin in a salad spinner or dry in your favorite method.

3rd -Get out your ice cube trays.


Decide what you will use your herbs for when you thaw them?

Hints* Basil, Rosemary or Thyme may most often start in a recipe with Olive Oil, so - freeze it in olive oil cubes.

Dill, Parsley, Tarragon, Cilantro, (I freeze Cilantro in tomato juice) may be used in items that are water based or you can just drain.

"Easy" to figure out when you think about it.

4th -Chop or cut to get ready to just add to your favorite dish.

5th -Stuff the ice cube compartment bottom up to 3/4 full then cover with liquid of choice.

6th -Freeze and relax.

Option #2: Drying Herbs

Don’t forget to wash – “you can’t wash after they are dried”.


Dry in bunches in your basement hanging upside down tied by the stems.

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