Cooking while visually impaired is safe and easy with help safety tools and the correct cooks utensils chosen for vision loss.

We are here to make sure the newest low vision cooks tools are always up to date and available to you here.

Whether you have vision loss from glaucoma, retinal disease, RP, Diabetes or like my wife Goldie, have lost your central vision from macular degeneration / RSD, and who is now legally blind. Vision problems add a challenge in the kitchen.

A Chef does not give up cooking, they adapt, so I have put together a line of products and tips she uses to keep active in the kitchen.

Our goal is to make your cooking easier, which will promote independent living and a healthy lifestyle.

Low Vision Chef put together a line of kitchenware in bold colors with tactile cues, these utensils help you adapt to cooking with the loss of vision.

To keep herself cooking she uses bright color, lighting, offset color, unique and broad head tools, along with our color combinations which act as a vision aid to the visually impaired cook.

This site was designed after watching my wife a career chef work through learning to cook with low vision the past 9 years.

I took those vision aids, background colors, tools, lighting, and some tips, and put them in this site to help you get cooking again.

You should not let the vision impairment be a white flag in the kitchen, your family still needs fresh healthy food to eat.

Family gatherings and meal time enjoyment may offset the stress added by the loss of independence brought on by the visual impairment.


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