Switchit™ Wooden Spoon with spatula end too

Wooden Spoon-Spatula two ended tool by Chef'n
Wooden Spoon-Spatula two ended tool by Chef'n
Item# C-17

Product Description

Two tools in one-for the vision impaired multi-tasker. You won't need to run for the spatula you have it handy.

We took a classic tool and gave it the Chef'n Twist.

We have updated the classic wooden spoon by adding a mini silicone spatula to the end, so you can stir, spread and serve to your heart's delight!


• Perfect for preparing sauces and batters

• Attractive wood design is safe to use on non-stick cookware

• 650°F (340°C) heat and stain resistant silicone spatula end

• Hand wash recommended

Color: Green Arugula weekend and Wood spoon

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