Chef'n VeggiChop, If you are Vision impaired you will love this Vegetable chopper.

VeggiChop by Chef'n
VeggiChop by Chef'n
Item# C-19

Product Description

Chopping Veggies is easy with this chopper: It is simple 4 pieces, easy to assemble and stores your food too.

Makes a quick easy Salsa, dip, pico.

Requires no power cords, just put it together put the chopper in place snap on the lid - give it a turn it snaps into place, pull on the cord that is on top around the lid. EASY! Storage lid included.



Combination of cherry and meringue colors.

Blade construction: Stainless steel.

New improved design.

Lockable lid.

Load of veggies- nuts or other foods and pull the ring to chop it up in seconds.

Includes storage lid.


Blades and storage lid are top-rack dishwasher safe.

Color: Cherry and Meringue

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