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Think ahead,

In the first part of turkey tips we mentioned that you should prepare the turkey and check the thaw process the day ahead, wash & dry.

Now, when you cut off the turkey package on that day you clean the turkey. When removing those instructions, go one step further. Cut around where they seal the two sheets of plastic. I find it is generally on the sides a seam going around the middle. So the face of the package is on the breast side and the instructions on the bottom of the turkey that will sit towards the counter or in the pan

Cut along this line or ridge to get the instructions without tearing them.

Wash the package you cut off and dry.

Take the instructions and get them in the mode of Large Print, recorded or Braille you use. Make it easy to get access quickly.

Donít forget to get the pounds of your turkey, so you can plan your time.

This is for the turkey that comes in a package that is molded around the turkey, wash the package, dry and then lay out on your scanner or CCTV for reading.

Instruction access is easier if the turkey is fresh not shrink wrapped, but still get the information in your mode of access.

Prepare yourself, when you are in the Holiday cooking rush and have had little sleep you will have your turkey time, temperature and weight accessible,

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Happy Turkey Day Part 1-A

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