Switchit™ Flex Spoon by Chef'n Cooking Spoon with edge.

Switchit Flex Spoon
Switchit Flex Spoon
Item# C-4

Product Description

Switchit Flex Spoon

Silicone cooks Spoon, high contrast for low vision.

Clean sweep

Switchit™ Flex Spoon For the Legally Blind Cook, Edge for turning, yet is a spoon for stirring, tasting and serving.

Made of silicone to resist heat and will not scratch pans, high contrast color for location and offset.

Say goodbye to burned and separated sauces for good.

The uber-flexible Switchit Flex Spoon easily scrapes sauces off the sides and bottoms of pots ensuring slow and even cooking.


• Designed for precision cooking

• Ultra thin and flexible edges slide easily around and underneath foods, like crepes or omelet.

• 650°F (340°C) heat- and stain-resistant silicone

• Safe for nonstick

• Top-rack dishwasher safe

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