4 Quart Strainer in Orange Tones Store Flat

 Colander Round Colapsable - Stores Flat 4 Quart by Squish
Colander Round Colapsable - Stores Flat 4 Quart by Squish
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Product Description

Four Quart Colapsable Colandar in Orange Tones,

Goodbye cluttered cupboards. Squish collapsible products transform bulky food prep tools into neatly tamed items that behave within confined spaces.

Crafted using an exclusive design technique that marries flexibility with rigidity, Squish brings as much joy in use as it does stored away.

Playful, vibrant and versatile, the sturdy construction does not sacrifice performance for compressibility.

Each Squish product independently maintains its shape when in use and thoughtfully-designed features anticipate the needs of the most exacting home chefs.

Each graduated layer of a Squish item "snaps" into place to perform its desired function with confidence whether storing flat or expanding for use.

Clever features like gently curved rims, thoughtfully-placed pour spouts, smooth sides and non-slip grips for bases and handles make the Squish collection a valuable ally for any home chef.

Each product performs as well as its non-collapsible counterpart, yet stores efficiently in a fraction of the space.

FDA-approved materials are safe for food items and dishwasher friendly. With an assortment of essential items that set free an entire kitchen cupboard, Squish makes today's storage challenges disappear in one second flat.


BPA free and FDA Approved

Squish products are take up very little room and easy to pack

Durable and sturdy with Non-slip Base

Dishwasher safe

Do Not Microwave

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