All Silicone Whisk for Poor Sight that stays where you put it "Bold Color" is easy to see.

Silicone Whisk with  Hook by Mastrad
Silicone Whisk with Hook by Mastrad
Item# O-1004

Product Description

All silicone balloon Whisk,

Stays Where You Hook it-

Comes in Purple for identification of Gluten free food tools.

No more searching for your tools it stays on the side of the pan or bowl right where you put it, awaiting your return. This makes life easier for the Sight impaired.

Unique Color will offset most kitchen bowls and pans for easy sight.


Ideal for whipping thick cake mix and cream.

An extra wire keeps the whisk conveniently attached to the bowl in between use.


*Ergonomic design,

High-quality materials,

*Heat resistant to 570 degrees,

*Ideal weight for whisking without fatigue,

*Non-stick, stain-resistant surface.

*Safe to use on not-stick pans.

*Dishwasher safe,

*12 inches Long,

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