Silicone Mitts are lined with soft terry are a Smart buy for vision loss cooks!

Oven Mitts in Silicone with Terry Lining by Mastrad
Oven Mitts in Silicone with Terry Lining by Mastrad
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Product Description

Oven Mitts in Silicone with Terry Lining by Mastrad

Soft Silicone Lined Oven Mitt is Comfy & Smart. Lightweight terry snap out washable liner.

These oven mitts are more than just burn protection they help you cook with tactile feel - thin feel soft protective lightweight high quality silicone.

Use for testing feel of food turning, pan location, food location, "Silicone" helps vision impaired cooks with more than just hot pans.

Protection for the cook who worries about spilling hot liquid over their hand.

Not stiff and uncomfortable like other mitts.

Can also be used to test food for crispness, then to clean just throw it in the wash or dishwasher for cleanup.

It also has a nice grip to hold the item you pick up more tightly, adding safety to the cooking experience.


Super supple and comfortable,

Safe for all types of use,

Oven or broiler,

Boiling water,


*12 inches long, ideal for small/medium hand.

*100% pure premium silicone.

*Withstands intense heat to 480 F

*Waterproof, even in boiling water.

*Non-slip grip

*Fits either hand.

*Non-staining, easy to clean.

*Dishwasher and washing machine safe.

*Maximum protection 480 F

Colors, green, purple, blue

The Mitt we have been waiting for the pretty safe and comfortable mitt for the Low Vision Chef.

Award-winning design improved in terms of :





*Withstands intense heat three times more than Mitt *Strong, yet more flexible for ease to use

*Non-slip grip

*Waterproof, fits right or left hand


Does not blacken

Silicone mitt is dishwasher safe, cotton lining is machine washable

Resists heat up to 480 F for short periods of time for the purposes specified.

Use in higher temperatures or for more than one minute, depending on the temperature, can result in serious injury.

Should not be used with knives or other cutting or piercing tools.

Punctured or pierced items should no longer be used and the warranty is void.

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