Scrap Trap, Time Saver - Helps Cooks with Sight Impairments Save Every Minute, hangs on your drawer.

Scrap Trap Work Helperks Garbage Bin.
Scrap Trap Work Helperks Garbage Bin.
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Product Description

Scrap Trap Work Helperks Garbage Bin.
Scrap Trap over drawer kitchen helper the perfect addition for the organized Sight Impaired person's kitchen.

No more running to the garbage with each little bit, just scrape scraps into the scrap trap with the handy orange plastic scraper, and take to the garbage at your convenience.

Perfect for the wheelchair cook it is the easy cleanup helper that is a time saver and it rinses easy for reuse.

Makes cleaning vegetables convenient, just place at the edge of your counter or cutting board.

Saves time and saves counter top space, easily clips onto any standard kitchen drawer or over door.


*Hard lightweight plastic *Notch for standard door handle in back

*Handle for dumping

*White in color

*Holds 2 qt.

*11.5 inches X 6.5 inches

*4.5 inches tall

*Handy orange scraper brush included

*Dishwasher safe

White in color with orange scraper brush

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