Salad Shears™; Makes healthy eating easy for loss of vision.

Salad Shears™ by Chef'n
Salad Shears™ by Chef'n
Item# C-SaladShears

Product Description

Salad Shears™ by Chef'n
Salad Shears™ another fun tool from Chef'n

Now here is an easy tool for cutting up your salad in your favorite salad bowl.

Easy to chop and create a salad for your next meal with the Chef'n Salad Shears.

The salad shears are shaped similarly to an ulu knife with a rounded blade design but it functions differently.

The base of the shears has a series of plastic blades with serrated edges which retract to create a double chopping motion when pressed down.

Hold the shears by the rounded top handle and a few chops will have your romaine lettuce into bite-size pieces.

The Chef'n Salad Shears are easy and fun to use; the plastic blades make it safe for children to use them too.

The scissoring action created by moving the shears helps home chefs chop lettuce in less time without browning.

Useful for leafy greens for salad or greens for slow cooking, the Chef'n Salad Shears make quick work of leaves. Use for herb or any green that needs a rough chop.

Color: Arugula/Meringue.

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