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Stay Cool Grips by Trudeau
Oven Liner Catches Spillovers Rinses Clean In Seconds.
Safer Burners for vision loss / elderly Induction Cook-tops
Tomato Slicer & Knife helps you slice anything that fits in the grip - Slicing easy for eye problems
Flexible Knife Guard protection for loss of eyesight,  fits your index finger & thumb
Egg Slicer "Wedgy" Easy Fast Even Slicing for Eggs
Kitch Devil Oven Pull Removes your oven rack from a distance
Regular price: $2.99
Sale price: $2.80
The Pot Minder Disk Boil Disk, Keeps starchy foods from boiling over, plus adds more audible tone to the pot noise making cooking easier to manage.
Silicone Splatter Screen, Trivet, Strainer By Trudeau
Parchment Paper Sheets, 12 Inch x 16 Sheets 8 per package
Architec Stretch Cooking Band, 2-Inch, Package 20, Assorted Colors
JAZ Innovations Oven Rack Guard by JAZ Innovations
Trudeau's Can Opener is Safer, Easier Weak Hands and Compact
Regular price: $24.99
Sale price: $19.99
Lid Handle Cover Cool Touch by JAZ Innovations
Rack Guards Set of 2 Guards Help Prevent Oven Burns  when you can't see the racks
Regular price: $22.99
Sale price: $19.99
Oven Rack Guards blind  guard against rack and enhance rack for better sight when you sight is reduced.
Jazz Gift Safety Set - Includes 3 Rack Guards 3 Handle Guards
Guard'N Fresh Produce Saver, Keeps Produce Fresh Longer
Regular price: $5.99
Sale price: $5.29
New: Cutlery Cleaner, The Safer Way for Low Sighted to Clean Knives And Other Kitchen Utensils
Regular price: $9.99
Sale price: $7.99
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