Stoves for the blind - transfers heat direct to the pan. The only heat on the stove itself is created by the pan and the contents.

Induction Cook-tops - Burner
Induction Cook-tops - Burner
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Product Description

Cook-top Burner with safety features for vision loss and memory problems has reminder alarm when pot is removed.

Reduces chance for burns in cooking injuries.

Easy to Braille or bump flat surface.

1800-Watt Portable Induction Cook-top:

Induction cooking is a safe method of cooking because there is no open flame or hot cooking element.

Pans must be made of metal that accepts magnets for burner to conduct heat (Stove works on magnet) if your pans do not - purchase a disk or the set with the disk.

To test take any common magnet from frig to test.

The perfect worktop for:





Assisted living

Product Features:

Each move of the arrow for temperature settings up or down has an audible beep, helpful for Vision Impaired.

Audible beep for on and off.

Fan runs until unit is cooled down after use.

LED display.

Audible Display

10 power levels.

Temperature range from 140 to 450 degrees F.

Safety Features built in:

180-minute timer.

Cookware detection sensor.

Overheat sensor.


8 inch diameter cooking area.

Audible alarms for timer and overheat.

1800 Watts.

LED display.

10 power levels.

Temperature range from 140 to 450 degrees F.

No Flame reduces Danger for home cooks.

Other Details

Stainless body.

Color: Black and Stainless

Size: 12 inches wide, 13 inches deep, 2.5 inches high

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