Keep Produce Longer with this economical set of 10 Green Bags

Green Fresh Bags Reusable 15" x 9.8" 10 pack
Green Fresh Bags Reusable 15" x 9.8" 10 pack
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Product Description

Green Fresh Bags help absorb damaging gases that promote biodegrading, helping to prolong the life of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more!

Fresh-cut flowers stay fresher longer when placed in a Green Fresh Bag.

Great for preparing for any special event.

Garden herbs last longer until your ready to use! Produce should be dry before placing in bag.

Use one bag for each type of produce.

Fold over the top of the bag, do not use a twist tie.

Product Features:

Keep Fruit And Vegetables Fresher Longer!

Helps Preserve Freshness - Keeps Nature's Bounty At It's Best! Reusable - Can Be Reused After Rinse & Drying

Includes 10 15" x 9.8" Bags

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