Silicone Tongs That Stand and Work One Handed With a Press on the End to Open and Close.

Tongs Red That Stand On End by Mastrad
Tongs Red That Stand On End by Mastrad
Item# O-TongsRd

Product Description

Silicone Quick Tongs Innovative patented design allows tongs to stand upright in the closed position for clean counters, and opened or closed with single-handed operation.

Perfect for picking up, stirring, and serving hot or cold food!

Practical and easy to handle: simply press down to trigger on counter to open/close mechanism with just one hand.

Precise: silicone tips make it posible to pick up ingredients with precision.

Hygienic and smart

Tongs stand upright to avoid contact with your work surface.

Removable base for cleaning

Product Dimensions: 13 x 4.5 x 1 inches ; 7 ounces

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