Make Whisking up a Small Recipe Neat and Easy, Then Just Store in the Same Container, Great For The Blind and Vision Impaired, Deep, Tactile Markings includes Lid and Nonskid base.

Qwik Wisk Universal Mixer by Mastrad
Qwik Wisk Universal Mixer by Mastrad
Item# O-QwikWisk

Product Description

The Perfect Little Contained Hand Mixer for the Sight Impaired and the person with diet needs such as diabetics who have to measure for medical reasons.

Perfect for Children with Special Needs, the Mixing accurs when the handle is pushed and pulled up and down, the liquid is contained, this gives a feeling of accomplishment.

Easily mixer helps you easily mix up your own dressings and sauces so you avoid preservatives. Whip up, Cream, milk, eggs or fun creations and keep the mess to a minimum.

Blindness Help

Holds 10 ounces of fluid for mixing, each mark is marked in 1 oz measurements for accurate measuring or on the other side of the clear container 25 ml per line for measuring.

Thick tactile white lines for low sight with tactile feel.

Slide free bottom which becomes the stopper to cover product for storage.

Mixing marinades, salad dressings, homemade mayonnaise and more has never been easier.

The Qwik Wisk is a great tool to help you manage your health-you'll always know exactly what is in your favorite concoction.

This universal mixer is easy to use, simply unscrew the lid, pour in the ingredients, put the lid back on and activate the handle in an up and down motion to start mixing.

It even froths milk!

How It Works

While the mixer is inserted into the container, the vented top allows for the slow pouring of oils or other ingredients into the mixer-a must-have when making certain dressings and marinades.

The flared top allows for precise pouring of your concoction, avoiding calorie-laden mishaps of over-pouring dressings or other toppings.

The non-slip silicone strip on the handle provides a sure grip while mixing and serving, while the base removes to become a lid for convenient storage in the refrigerator. Features convenient measurements on the container that measures in both ml and oz.; Dishwasher safe. Instructions and recipe ideas included.

Product Features

Qwik Wisk Universal Mixer by Mastrad

Easily mix marinades, salad dressings, frothy drinks and more-create healthy mixes at home


Easy to use: unscrew lid, add ingredients, put lid on and lift handle up and down to activate the mixer

Non-slip silicone strip on the handle for easy, secure grip; base removes and serves as a lid for storage

Measurements given in ml or oz.

Size: 2.75 inches wide, 8 inches tall

Clear with White Markings and Green Accents, Top and Mixer.

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