Allows you to portion the same amount on your salad with control each time, "No Guessing".

Portion Control Dressing Lid, Gives you the same amount each time.
Portion Control Dressing Lid, Gives you the same amount each time.
Item# H-SL

Product Description

Vision Impaired Advantage

Keeps you from over dressing your salad, providing consistency.


Dispense one serving at a time. Condiments are frequently over used adding empty calories to foods and leaving pools of uneaten dressing at each meal.

The Healthy Steps Portion Lid measures and dispenses one serving of dressing so you can be confident in your portion sizes and yourself. BPA-free.

Product Features:

Fits most store bought condiment bottles, use with: Salad dressing, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, BBQ sauce and more.

How to use:

Replace existing condiment lid with the Portion Lid.

Turn Portion Lid to condiment type indicator on lid.

Squeeze bottle to fill single serving chamber.

Open Portion Lid and pull chamber edges toward bottom of bottle to dispense.

Remove Portion Lid when bottle is empty, wash before reuse.

Top rack dishwasher safe.

Measures one serving of dressing Functions as a teaching device for learning proper portion sizes Stop wasting dressing and other condiments Dispenses one serving of salad dressing at a time, one serving = 2 tbsp Screws onto top of most store-bought plastic bottles of salad dressing, stores right in refrigerator door

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