Easy to clean, Easy to use, this "Pizza Wheel" allows you to slice from directly over the pie, not out or to the back with a long handle. This makes it easier to locate where you are slicing and requires less strength.

Pizza Wheel
Pizza Wheel
Item# Z-2

Product Description

Pizza Wheel
Large Pizza Wheel helps those with Poor Vision and makes cutting pizza easier for people with hand pain.

Easy to Clean too.


* Handheld pizza wheel smoothly slices through even thick-crusted pizza

* Ergonomic plastic handle provides maximum control

* Stainless-steel cutting wheel; for right- or left-handed use

* Removable blade ensures easy cleanup; dishwasher-safe

* Hinge opens for ease of cleaning

* Measures approximately 5 by 5-1/2 by 1 inches; 5-year limited warranty

*Red Guard, Plastic, Stainless Blade

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