Peeling is easy when the peeler fits in your palm and creates a flow that is natural.

Palm Peeler Vegetable Peeler
Palm Peeler Vegetable Peeler
Item# C-1

Product Description

Peeler for the Vision Impaired to use easily.

This neat little package slides right onto your finger, tucks into your palm, and peels anything you can get your hand on.

It even has a convenient potato eyer at the tip.

Low Vision Feature:

On the average peeler the blade sticks out and allows you to easily snip the end of your fingers.

The palm peeler blade lines up in your palm, in the center of the square device.

You place the blade on top of the item you are peeling and rotate the item rather than the opposite.

Always keeping the blade tucked towards the cutting board not out cutting your fingers.

It comfortably fits the palm and allows you to feel the flow of the food you are peeling and contour, creating easy peeling and safety.

It is also great for those with arthritis.

Product Features

Soft rubber finger grip

18/10 Stainless steel blade

Top rack dishwasher safe

Color Arugula

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