Bag Cooking Easy, Healthy and a Quick Way to Make a Meal, These Bags Make Even Easier.

Parchment Paper Cooking Bags for Cooking and Papillote, Set of 4
Parchment Paper Cooking Bags for Cooking and Papillote, Set of 4
Item# RGY-2

Product Description

Set of 4 Regency Cooking Bags,

Parchment Paper bags for cooking seafood and vegetables en Papillote. Food cooks in its own juice eliminating the need for additional fat or oil. The result is moist, light and flavorful food.

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En Papillote, bag or pouch cooking provides a healthy tasty and one step simple cooking method for people who live alone or who are restricted in diet. Prepare and layer your food and put the bag on a pan in the oven for a full meal in one pouch.

Many great recipes are available for pouch cooking and these bags provide an even easier way to make sure the method is safe, the parchment also assists in the browning process which adds to the appeal.


Popular en Papiotte cooking made easy with 4 pre formed 8"X 14" Parchment Paper Cooking Bags,P> Place fish, vegetables and seasoning in the 8 X 14" bag on a cookie sheet and bake

Food cooks in its own juice with little or no additional fat or oil and comes out moist, light and flavorful

Eliminates the need for cutting, crimping and forming parchment paper

Clean up is fast and easy

Product Dimensions: 14 x 8 inches ; 4.8 ounces

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