Keep an Oven Liner in Your Oven and Reduce the Work of Oven Cleaning Frequency.

Oven Liner Catches Spillovers Rinses Clean In Seconds.
Oven Liner Catches Spillovers Rinses Clean In Seconds.
Item# H-732

Product Description

Oven Liner Catches Spillovers Rinses Clean In Seconds.
I Hate Cleaning The Oven;

Non-Stick Oven Liner Helps keep your oven clean.

Never clean the bottom of your oven again! Burnt and baked on foods wipe away easily from this nonstick, Teflon-coated, reversible oven liner.

Fits ovens up to 30", and can be trimmed to fit smaller ovens.

Lasts for years and is dishwasher safe. Withstands temperatures up to 550 F. Measures 23" x 16 1/4" x 2/5" thick. Made in the USA.

Best of all your oven liner will last for years and save hours of kitchen drudgery cleaning the oven floor.

*Approved for use in oven temperatures up to 550 degrees F.

*FDA and NSF compliant.

*Approved by USDA.

*PFOP-free liner does not emit unwanted chemicals.

*Made in USA

Use and Care

-For ovens with solid bottom (no air vents).

*Place oven liner on floor of oven below the heating element.

*For ovens with vented bottoms, place oven liner on bottom rack of oven.

Do not cover vents.

*Oven Liner measures 16x23" and may be trimmed with scissors to fit the exact size and shape of your oven.

*Oven liner should not come in contact with the heating element.

*Read your oven instruction for the location of your element.

When spillovers occur just wipe or wash your Oven Liner in warm soapy water.

Liner is also top rack dishwasher safe.

Wipe dry with a soft cloth.

-Do not clean with abrasive cleaners, sharp edges or brushes.

-Do not fold the Oven Liner,

-Do not expose Oven Liner to the Self -Cleaning Oven Cycle.

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