Heavy Flour sack kitchen towels in Symmetry Lines and Stripes Matches any Decor

Dish Towel Symmetry Stripes Towel by Now Designs
Dish Towel Symmetry Stripes Towel by Now Designs
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Product Description

Dish Towel Symmetry Stripes Towel by Now Designs
Classy Heavy Duty Thick Symmetry Stripes.

Thick Center line with 2 narrow side stripes will accent any kitchen without making it too busy.

Vision Loss Detail Description

The Towel is a Background of White with a Center Stripe that is 4 inches wide in your choice of color.

The next out is a 3/8's of an inch of white on each side then another 1/2 inch stripe of color,

Then 1/4 inch of white, fallowed by a 2/16 stripe of color.

3 3/4 inch of white showing in a larger stripe then you have 1 inch green stripe, 1/4 inch white, 1/16 Green line, another 1/16th White, then a 1/2 inch of Color Stripe.

1 15/16 inch on the outside edge.

The pattern repeats on the opposite side.

This Symmetry Kitchen Towel is a heavy duty towel that is a great workhorse drying towel for the kitchen.

Plus its wide stripe adds a splash of color to your decor. Made of 100% Cotton, it measures 19" x 28".

Green and white symmetrical stripes

Soft Fabric

18x28 inches

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