Store Root Vegetables in Natural Burlap Sacks with Button Out Liners for Longer Life and Save Money

Burlap Potato or Onion Sack by Now Designs
Burlap Potato or Onion Sack by Now Designs
Item# NDSack

Product Description

Burlap Potato or Onion Sack by Now Designs
Storage Bags for Root Vegetables

Product Special Feature

Natural product keeps food fresh longer, allows air flow, reduces moisture to save you money by reducing food waste.

Farm-Grown produce stays comfortable stored in these now designs customized burlap sacks, each labeled with the name of the food tucked inside.

Removable cotton lining keeps potatoes cozy. Sacks cinch shut to prevent roll-always and have a side tab for easy hanging. Each has the name of the Vegetable it Stores Potatoes or Onions in an Old Style Print.

Product Features:

Potatoes Bag: Reads-Happy Valley Farms Premium Potatoes with a Plant in Green and underground roots system pictures emblem.

Onion Bag: Reads Golden Acres Quality Brand-Red and Black emblem.



100-percent burlap

Removable cotton lining

Cinch closure at top of bag

Side tab for convenient storage

Machine washable lining

Product Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 0.1 inches ; 2.4 ounces

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