Info - No Shiny's

Item# Shinedistractsblind

Product Description

*Hint, never purchase shiny work objects or surfaces it causes light glare.

Lighting is an issue when you can't see glare is always the enemy so purchase all mat or dull sheen finish products for counter tops and pots, utensils and work surfaces, yes even the sink if possible.

I will not even use a stainless pan even though it is the best tool at times because the glare is such an issue.

Going with some Dark and some light for contrast colors in utensil or pan surfaces is good when you can then you can match the contrast to your product you are cooking.

For instance if you are cooking a white item use a dark pan it will stand out and you will see it better and a light pan for dark items, this gives contrast and makes the most of the vision you have.

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