MUkitchen MUmodern Waffle Microfiber Dishtowel Set of 2

 Dishtowel Waffle Microfiber Set of 2 by MUkitchen
Dishtowel Waffle Microfiber Set of 2 by MUkitchen
Item# MU-WMFst2

Product Description

 Dishtowel Waffle Microfiber Set of 2 by MUkitchen
Solid color waffle microfibel towel set of 2

The all-new MUkitchen waffle-weave microfiber towel is an entirely new tactile experience.

Woven from a high-tech microfilament fabric to absorb more, and dry faster, our MUcloths and MUtowels work hard in the kitchen, so you don't have to.

Microfiber is super-absorbent, holding up to seven times its own weight in water, and dries 10 times faster than standard products.

This rapid drying time eliminates much of the bacterial growth found in other towels.

Microfiber carries positive ionic charges that attract grease, dust and dirt particles-rendering harsh chemicals virtually unnecessary. Tough on dirt and grime, you will use MUcloths and MUtowels in every room of your home, and beyond. Softer than silk and stronger than cotton, MUcloths and MUtowels are safe to use on almost any surface, and are perfect for shining without leaving lint behind. Our MUcloths have a scouring scrubber woven right in, making it two tools in one.

These just might be your toughest competition yet as to who works harder around the home.

Product Features:

Polyester 80% / Polyamide 20% Imported

Two MUmodern Waffle Microfiber Dishtowels by MUkitchen

Hardworking dishtowel that is safe to use anywhere in the home, cleans without use of harsh chemicals Ultra soft and lint free;

Cleans and polishes like no other;

Woven to create tiny scoops that attract dirt and micro-particles;

Holds 7 times it's weight in liquid

Microfiber textile,

machine wash warm, tumble dry low

MUtowel measures 25-1/2-inch by17-inch; Made in China

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