The Perfect Microwave Section Plate with Vented Lid, Ideal for Caregivers to Leave Prepared Meals to Heat and Eat Later or organize by color and day of the week too.

Microwave Section Plates with 3 Sections with Vented Lids
Microwave Section Plates with 3 Sections with Vented Lids
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Product Description

Set Of 6 Microwave Storage Tray Containers -3 Sections/Compartments Vented Plates

This Listing Is For (A Set Of 6) For One Price. Great Size Pre-made for Meals for those leftovers or special meals made up for those who need assistance with meal preparation.

Buyers will receive 6 assorted colors.

Great storage for leftovers in these trays with three separate compartments.

They also have vented tops so when you're ready to eat just open the vent and place in microwave oven for a few seconds and you're ready to eat.

Assorted colors so you can color-code certain types of foods etc., or each member of the family can have their on designated color.

Now you can make TV dinners at a fraction of the cost by simply using these trays for leftovers that would have normally gone to waste.

Tops fit snugly on trays but do not snap on, so they can be easily removed after coming out of the microwave.

Approx. 9.5" Diameter x 2" Deep -Dishwasher Safe.

These Make Wonderful Gifts!

Every home needs several of these great trays.

Product Features:

Set Of 6

Assorted Colors

Green, Gray, Red, Purple, Lilac, Blue

Wonderful microwave sectional trays.

So Many Uses!

Approx. 9.5" Diameter x 2" Deep

Dishwasher Safe

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