Pick a Microwave with a Audible or Tactile mark able Panel or nobs if you can find them for easy marking.

The brands Change from season to season and the talking ones are great if you desire a Audible device.

I have a touch screen pad and have the common buttons marked such as the 5, defrost, start and the 0.

This works fine for me because I only use it for reheats, defrost and heating a heating herb bag, not a microwave cook myself. If that was my goal I would have insisted on the talking or the dial and spent the money on those features.


Now For the Cooking:

Microwave Cooking Secretes

Microwave Cooking it easy for the person who hates to deal with fire and wants to keep it simple.

Get out your Microwave Cookware, make sure it has stay cool handles and Splash guards (but has vents) and get ready to cook, because microwave cooking is so easy! It keeps the kitchen clean, and puts out mighty delicious meals. (So long as you know the secrets…!)

1. Cook In Bursts

The microwave is made to cook quickly, so it zaps everything in its path. To ensure your recipes aren't overcooked, always cook your recipes in “bursts”, breaking the cooking time up into thirds. If pasta needs to cook for 15 minutes, set the microwave for 5 minutes, then remove and stir."Always watch for Steam when stirring, Use Mitts the steam could release and burn you", Cook for an additional 5 minutes, then remove and stir again before finishing the cooking. This gives you a little more control over your cooking, allowing you to monitor the process along the way, and ensuring a delicious finished product!

2. Rotate, Rotate, Rotate

If you don’t have an automatic rotating plate inside your microwave, plan on rotating your recipe at least once every 1-2 minutes or so. Since microwaves cook from the inside out, you’ll want to move the recipe around the center of the oven to ensure it’s as evenly cooked as possible.

3. Bake On High

You can use your microwave to “bake” and “boil” foods you might otherwise cook in the oven, or on the stovetop. Just remember to always set your microwave to max strength when making recipes microwaveable. Cakes cooked on low, for instance, will yield a hard, spongy final texture. But cook them on high and you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference from your oven baked cake.

4. Stick to Microwave-Only Recipes

Though some recipes can be shortcut with the microwave, you’ll always get superior results by sticking to a recipe meant for the microwave. Don’t expect a steak, for example, to be cooked in the microwave in a way that’s even close to restaurant-quality. It’ll be cooked alright, but from the inside out…which is typically the worst way ever to cook a cut of beef.

5. Microwave Meat With Caution

If you like meat boiled, then it’s likely microwavable. Chicken cooked in the microwave tastes great when it’s chopped into chicken salad. Meatballs are A-OK to precook in the microwave before tossing them into an Italian Meatball Soup. Pork and steak cuts will generally emerge from your microwave looking grey and tasting like a hockey puck. The secret? If you want to cook meat, cover it with a little water and plastic wrap, and expect the final texture to be similar to what you’d get if you’d boiled the meat on the stovetop.

Part of this information is Compliments of Good Cooks, everyday cooking, makers of quality kitchen products.

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