Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Cool Touch Microwave Bowl (Set of 2), Orange

Microwave Bowl Cool Touch (Set of 2),by Joseph Joseph
Microwave Bowl Cool Touch (Set of 2),by Joseph Joseph
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Product Description

Soup or Snack Bowls for Microwave Use

One of the main problems people encounter when heating food in a microwave is that the container used can become very hot. And if this container is unsuitable for the task, it can be dangerous to remove and handle. M-Cuisine cool touch products have been specifically designed to solve this.

They have a double-walled construction that ensures the outside surface remains cool after heating, allowing you to handle them straight from the microwave there is no need for a dish towel or oven mitts. Splash-Proof lids with steam vents help reduce mess and their stylish design means they can be taken straight to the table.

These small bowls are perfect for heating soups and stews or cooking foods from scratch. Dishwasher safe. Based on recommended maximum cooking time.

Product Features:

Set contains: 2 x small bowls (18.6 oz)

Outside walls stay cool to touch after heating

Splash-Proof lids with steam vents

Perfect for heating soup, porridge or desserts

Dishwasher safe

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