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Marking; What is it?

Just putting a bump or stripe of color on things to help you see or feel your on, off or frequent used items.

Use pre-made bumps from a Low Vision Store or using fabric paints.

Also available at Variety stores, Hobby stores and low vision stores.

This can be done several ways, you can use colors such as green and just make bumps on the start buttons, and red or pink, orange on the stop.

If you can see color. Making one bump on the knob and one bump on the stove, oven or thermostat setting to match up with.

When the two bumps are in line your item is at the desired setting. Make different common settings like an oven temp 350 one color, then the bigger or a different color a bigger bump or different color. Point will match with dial at the temp point, feel or see the color.

DO NOT SET TOO MANY POINTS, Pick most frequent used settings.

Lines, Set the temp and then just make a line across the dial and the desired temp or setting, as thick or thin as you like.

Always allow time for the marking to dry.

Sometimes you may just need a point of reference, mark to save your spot like a keyboard.

In some instances you may be used to your tools and can use them because you are comfortable with them. Please do that if that is the case, sometimes just marking them so you can see them is the way to help yourself. (Marking Video)

Before my eyes got so bad I could not see them, I just marked some of my cooking utensils with stripes so I could see them in the drawer. Anything to save your place.

*Video on marking, for those who do not know how.

*DHS in your area can help you if you need a sighted person for this task if no family member is available.

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