When Possible use natural light,

VIDEO - Lighting, for vision problems
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Colors and Lighting Vision problems while complex, can be worked around if you pay attention to what colors you see best, your work surface texture and what lighting helps you see. Then use that to your advantage, light is like a magnifier when placed correctly, place it as close and direct over your work area as possible. You loose watts and benefits as you put distance between your light and your task. If you buy the proper light and put it too far above you or in the wrong position, you have wasted your time. Place the light above the area you work under, do not have it glaring in your face this will work against you. Put it under the lip of the cabinet so you get the benefit and not the glare. There are many types of lights test them out in the store, then decide according to what works best for your eyes. A hardware store has many samples set up for your viewing.

*Hint, never purchase shiny work objects or surfaces, it causes light glare

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