Small Nylon Knife a nice helper for the lettuce knife user.

Knife for Bakeware "Bakeware Buddy" Nylon
Knife for Bakeware "Bakeware Buddy" Nylon
Item# H-723

Product Description

Knife for Bakeware "Bakeware Buddy" Nylon
This Little Knife fills in where the Lettuce Knife leaves off.

If you are not comfortable with a metal sharp knife-this is a small serrated tool, will fill in the gaps left by the large lettuce knife.

If you have diabetes or are on certain medications it is not recommended that you use a sharp knife.

This knife will complete your set.

Product Features:

* Dishwasher safe

* Unlimited uses

* Cake decorator

* 4 inch blade

* Cuts cakes and pies without scratching non-stick bakeware

* 4" serrated plastic blade

*Doubles as an icing spatula / knife

* Use for lettuce and tomatoes too

8" inches long, Color: Deep Green or Teal

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