The Knife Guard, Food Holder, Peeler and More for Vision Impaired Knife Skills Learning and all Special Needs

Knife Guard Cut Protection - Knife Glider
Knife Guard Cut Protection - Knife Glider
Item# KnifeGlider

Product Description

Knife Guard Cut Protection - Knife Glider
Add Safety to Knife Use.

The Knife Glider shields your hands and reduces the danger of chopping, peeling, and slicing any type of food, hot or cold.

It safely removes foods stuck on the knife after chopping.

Lastly, it helps safely transport food from the chopping board to your pot or pan.

Easily pop on the Peeling Attachment and protect your hands while peeling potatoes, cucumbers, or carrots.

The Meat Attachment allows you to hold hot meat without being burned.

The Knife Glider makes it safer to prepare healthy food.

People using The Knife Glider also prepares food faster.

You will spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing the things you enjoy!

Product Features:

Shields your hands as you cut and chop!

Meat attachment allows you to hold and cut hot meat fresh off the grill or out the oven without getting burned!

Peeling attachment allows you to hold and peel fruit and vegetables without accidentally nicking your fingers or nails.

It's clear and innovative design makes it an attractive addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Made of Tritan plastic that is virtually indestructible!

Made in the USA

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