Perfect Silicone Whisk For the Starter Saucier Chef and It won't harm your pans either.

Whisk for Juniors by Mastrad
Whisk for Juniors by Mastrad
Item# O-K1

Product Description

Whisk for Juniors by Mastrad

Kid Size Silicone Whisk

Great for teaching the low vision child to cook when the child is ready to advance to the stove this is a great first cooking whisk.

Learning to mix up gravies and sauces or what ever you choose.


Perfect size whisk for the small hand

Will not damage your pans.

Handle stays cool and gives the Child added protection from burns.

The heat resistant silicone handle is a bright color for easier sight.

In addition it has a clip that easily holds it onto the pot or bowl for added convenience.

High quality silicone soft grip that is easy to hold,

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