Jo!e Tomato Slicer & Knife Makes Even and thin Slices.

Tomato Slicer Guide & Knife
Tomato Slicer Guide & Knife
Item# H-78

Product Description

Tomato Slicer Guide & Knife
Slicer & Knife

Video and written instructions Below for Product:

Perfectly sliced vegetables and fruit simplified, just put the tomato in the clip rubber clamp side down and run the knife provided through the slices as thick or thin as you like.

Makes quick work of slicing jobs, no cuts from the knife sliding off the tomato skin.

Also works with other knives.

Also great for potatoes, onions and more…

2 PC set.


Place a tomato into the slicer, Simply cut between the openings for perfectly sliced tomatoes.


Use only with a non-serrated knife when using another knife, you may damage the product.


*Dishwasher Safe

*This is not a toy,

*Keep away from children and pets.

*Holds one tomato

*Red in color

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