LowVisionChef provides kitchen products for legally blind, blind cooks and those with special needs. We have helpful videos for cooking techniques for vision impaired and instructions on video.

Always doing our best to offer products at fair prices in the latest safety cooking aids in silicone, organization supplies, utensils, cut guides, gloves – guards along with blind cooking assistance.

If you have a disability that prevents you from cooking we will try to problem solve with you to find a solution that works for you and the job at hand.

Partial Sighted Cooks living with Vision Loss from Retina or eye disease may give up cooking without tools and help with tasks in the kitchen. Retina deterioration cause vision Impairments that may need the brightest colors to make sight of the tools easier this combined with large print, braille or tactile and audible cues will make things easier for those with loss of sight.

These same methods will help children with learning problems such as Autism color cues are a great learning aide in the kitchen. These same tools have safety built in for less worry for parents.

All our blind cooking products are home tested by a low vision chef who has macular degeneration.

Fun, new, easy to use cooking aids for low vision will also make baking and cooking more enjoyable.

In general all sight impairments Cataracts, Glaucoma, Stargardt's, Retinitis pigmentosa, (RP), dry eye and Diabetes will impact your ability to make your family meals. They reduce the quality of sight or the sight field leading to degrees of blindness.

Eye disorders dull or blur similar colors. To increase the ease of sight of your utensils we try to give each utensil a specific color or shape that helps with easy identification in the kitchen, these bright colors serve as an aide for the legally blind and blind. The color contrast tactile and audible cues help visually - sight impaired or persons with low sight called partial sighted.

All the products are heat resistant when possible for safety.

New products are added as the “Newest” products are available so the visually impaired always has benefit of the latest in kitchenware.

We provide legally blind cooking techniques to provide you with information on how to use them in the form of video and text.

For additional help seek rehabilitation assistance for personal guidance and marking of kitchen appliances on our REHAB LINK or with your local Blind Service.

Other low vision cooking aids, such as talking or large print may prove to be helpful and can be purchased at Low vision stores.

With the proper tools, lighting, training help and rehabilitation you can cook healthier and save money.

LowVisionChef.com is introducing kitchen products into a NEW light, teaching techniques for cooking, to help you to achieve independent living and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Thank You For Choosing LowVisionChef.com