Kids Measuring spoons Color coded buttons & Large Print
Kitchen Timer - Color Alert Doam Lights Up & Changes Color as Time Passes, Enhanced Vision - Audible Baking Time Device
Mixing Bowls Set of 3 -Two-Tone, Polypropylene by Trudeau
New: Microwave Tender Cooker 2.5 Quart, by Nordic Ware
New: Kitchen Oven & Grill Glove Are Double Sided, Have Silicone Gripper Strips Adding Slip Protection
"NEW " Qwik Wisk Universal Mixer by Mastrad, Allows You to Mix Whip, Pour and Store in the Same Enclosed Container.
"No Cook Simple Syrup"
#1 Turkey Wrestling
*Low Vision Cooking Tips
10 inch Wooden Spoon by Danesco
11.75-Inch Wooden Spoon Turner by Danesco
12 Cup Pourfect Bowl
18Pc Bowl & Measuring Set by POURfect
2 Egg Microwave Poacher
3-POURfect Spill-Proof Bowl Set, product for visually impaired.
4 in 1 Opener - 1 pc,(Bradshaw)
4 Quart Colander by Squish
4-In-1 Meat Tenderizer with Large Handle Grip by Amco
4-Piece Mixing Bowl Set with Egg Yolk Separator Nest Mix by Joseph Joseph
5” Nonstick Fine Edge Red/Pink Santoku Knife, Color Contrast when cutting foods for Sight impaired
6-Quart Versatility Slow Cooker with Glass Cover, Stainless by West Bend
7-Inch Professional Chef's Knife, Kyocera Revolution Series Ceramic White Blade Black Handle
9-1/2" Silicone Slotted & Solid Spoons & Turner Set with Nylon Handles - Set of 3

AER-Rap with Equivalents
Amco 2 in 1 Countertop Citrus Juicer
Amco Stainless Steel with Silicone Handle Mezzaluna
Apron in Royal Blue by Now Designs
Apron Mitts & Chef Hat Set by Curious Chef In - Now 3 Colors to Choose From
Architec Stretch Cooking Band, 2-Inch, Package 20, Assorted Colors
Architec Stretch Cooking Band, 2-Inch, Package 25, Assorted Colors, Replaces String and Keeps Your food in Place
Bagel Slicing Guide with Adjustable Thickness by Trudeau
Bamboo Melamine Colanders, Set of 3 by Trudeau
Banana Berry Trifle, Simple Fruit Dessert
Bar board:
Basic Cookie Recipe
Basic Series: #1 - Knife Skills Nylon & Color Contrast Choices
Basic Series: #2 - Knife Guard Choices
Basic Series: #3 – “Claw Method “Skills to begin knife use.
Basic Series: #4 – “Pinch Method “Skills for knife holding
Basic Vintage Bottles Apron by Now Designs
Basting-Brush-Injector Set with Cleaning Brush by Trudeau
BBQ Grill Light Helps Those With Loss of Vision Cook on the Grill in Dim Light
BBQ Ninja Apron by Now Designs for the Grill and Barbecue Master in Your Life
Berry Merry Holiday Apron by Now Designs
Betty & Sally Mother Daughter Apron Gift Set - Sweet Tooth Cupcake Design Includes -2 Cupcake Holders, assorted colors.
Betty Tulips Apron by Now Designs
Biggest Spatula Turner by Trudeau 5 inches wide Easy sight tool
Bold "smaller size" Cook's silicone Slotted stirring, mixing & serving spoons.
Bold "smaller size" Cook's silicone Solid Spoon for stirring, mixing & serving spoons.
Boy or Girl Apron, Chef Hat & Mitt – Utensils Design
Braille Measuring cup & Spoon Kitchen Best Value for blindness.
Braille for Blind Measuring cups POURfect®
Braille Measure Spoon Set, POURfect® 12 Piece Spoon Set
Bright Color cutting board with 4 nonslip tabs one on each corner for safety as you work.
Buttercream Frosting
Cake Frosting made easy for Vision Loss
Cake Tester, checking your cake for the perfect doneness
Camerons Products Bun Warmer, Gingham Red or Blue - perfect for picnics and holidays
Camerons Products Emeril-Approved Smoker Bags
Cameron’s Products Grilling Planks
Can Cap for 2 Pack Soda pop Lids - KEEPS INSECTS OUT OF your Drink, Keeps your Drink safe when you can't see
Can-Do Compact Can Opener by Joseph Joseph
Carried Away; Folding Cutting Board
Casserole Carrier - Foodwarmer Casserole Tote - Black
Casserole Carrier - Foodwarmer Tote
Ceramic Knife Gift Set 5.5 Santoku & 3 inch Paring Knife Gift Set
Chef Tip-1
Chef Tip-10 Holidays
Chef Tip-11 "Guild Holiday Helper Talk" (Notes)
Chef Tip-12 Holiday Cookie Baking
Chef Tip-2
Chef Tip-3
Chef Tip-4
Chef Tip-5
Chef Tip-6
Chef Tip-7
Chef Tip-8
Chicago Metallic Batter Dispenser
Chicken Beeroaster Deluxe Make a One Grill Meal on a Budget by Camerons Products
Chicken cooking while vision impaired Part 2
Chicken Shaped Thermometer, fun & easy, preset poultry temperature, audible alarm.
Child's Apron, Chef Hat & Mitt - Pink Cup Cake by MUkitchen miniMU
Child's Colorful Silicone Moulds for Vision Loss learning
Child's Cooking Spatula 8 Inches Long Also Works Great for Small Jobs
Child's Laminated Play Apron "Tiny Tortoise" by Now Designs
Child's Nonstick Rolling Pin by Curious Chef
Children's Ice Cream Scoop by Curious Chef
Children's Pastry brush bold enough for the Vision Impaired
Children's Wire Whisk for Vision Impaired learning
Chip Clip Push Button Bag Ties in Cute Shapes, Set of 2
Chocolate Work Tips
Chocolate Ice Cream and Beyond
Chop & Mash by Amco, Mashes potatoes or chops up meat without damage to pan.
Citrus - Kiwi Tool by Zyliss is a soft fruit and citris tool
Citrus Pattern Cotton Kitchen Towel - Citrus by MUkitchen
Cleaning Organization
Clip & Serve Dip or Salsa Clip on Bowl
Cole and Mason Richmond Gift Set Salt Mill and Pepper Mill
Color Change Timer for the Hearing Impaired or Teaching Time Management
CookBook Compact Folding Bookstand by Joseph Joseph
Cooking Vegetables, Pasta Hints for vision impaired.
Corn Salad Video
Corned Beef Dinner for St. Pats Day
Cupcake and Decorating Kit with 16-Pieces by Curious Chef
Cupcake Frosted Heaven Amelia Apron by Now Designs
Cupcake Plunger
Cupcake Wraps for Easy and Unique Pastries Presentation
Cupcake-To-Go, Individual Cupcake Holders with Clear Lids for Cupcakes
Curious Chef 3-Piece Nylon Knife Set - Learning Knifes for Children with Vision Loss
Cut Gloves for sight impaired cooks add safety against cuts.
Cut Resistant Glove with Stainless Steel Strands by Trudeau
Cutting Boards for Vision Impaired
Dial a slice, Apple slicer
Digital BBQ Tongs Have The Thermometer Built Into The Tong So Getting A Temperature Is Easy
Dip or Dressing Made Easy
Dough Cutter/Chopper and Bowl Scraper Duo Bake, White by Joseph Joseph
Drainer for Simple Draining of Liquids Off Salad, Vegetables or Pasta
DUMP CAKE, Easy Starter Recipe
Dumpling CubeTM - Makes 4 Traditional Gyoza Style Dumplings at a time. Shape, Fold and Trim, with a Pastry Cutter included by Rice Cube
Easi-twist Jar Opener for Dexterity problems Extra Help For When Your Hands Just Won't Turn That Lid.
Easy Slice Tomato Slicer Cradles Tomato and Holds it in Place, Two Handled Slicing Blades Safely Slice Food, by Zyliss
Edge Dish Brush with Integrated Sink Rest, Stays in Place on the Edge of the Sink
Elevate Lockable Tongs with Integrated Tool Rest by Joseph Joseph won't get the counter messy
Evendough rolling pin bands 4 sets of 2 by Regency Wraps, 4 different colors
Extra Long Oven Mitt - Microdot Neoprene has comfort & safety for painful hands
Extra-deep Oblong Electric Skillet Marked with Tactile Cues for Vision Impaired Use by West Bend
Eye Chart Cotton Flour Sack Towel by MUkitchen
Flat Grater for Vegetables, Cheese and More with Guard for Storage
Flexible 2 Cup Measuring Beaker by Trudeau
Flexible Knife Guard protection for loss of eyesight, fits your index finger & thumb
Floursack & Waffle Weave Set of 6 -100 percent Cotton, Lint Free in Coordinating Colors
Floursack Towels set of 3, The Worker of the Dishtowel World by Now Designs
Food Grade CO2 Cartridge for Pure Fizz, 8gm, 10-Pack
G 'Rabbit Jr Salt and Pepper grinders
Ganache Recipe
Garlic Zoom Chopper
GarlicZoom XL by Chef'n, Chops multiple garlic cloves quick and easily.
Gnomes Holiday Betty Apron by Now Designs
Gnomes Print Holiday Forest and Friends Dish Towel by Now Designs
Googly Eyes Clips Set of 2 Small Magnetic Clips for Notes, Bags, Organization, Pictures & Fun
Googly Eyes Clips, Large Magnetic Clips for Notes, Bags, Organization, Pictures & Fun
Gourmet Heavy duty rough chop knife Large teeth by Koziol
Gourmet Loop Handle Knife with small teeth by Koziol
Grapefruit knife s/steel wooden handle, Simple tool can be used to help blind with many kitchen tasks
Grater 4 in1 Tower Grater Adds safety to Sight Impaired Cooking
Grater Slicing Blades by Trudeau
Great Gatsby "Cat" Gift Set Matching Apron and Potholder by Now Designs
Green Street Slotted Serving Spoon Saving the Earth
Grill Warmer Bag- Insulated Food Keeper, keeps food hot or cold
Grillwarmer with Pan by Camerons for Warm Food and Easy Cleanup
GRIP-EZ® Spatula/Grabber Tongs by NORPRO
Gripper Cutting Mats 4 BOLD colors offset for macular problems
Guard'N Fresh Produce Saver, Keeps Produce Fresh Longer
Hadley Soup S & H 2012
Happy Days Basic Apron by Now Designs
Happy Hour Cotton Bar Towels, Bright Colors and Lint Free
Harbor Betty Apron by Now Designs
Harbor Sally Child Size Apron by Now Designs
Healthy Meatloaf Set Helps Drain Fat off Your Dinner keeping your food heart healthy as you cook
Holiday ChefTips-9
Holiday Set of Floursack & Waffle Weave - Set of 6 -100 percent Cotton, Lint Free in Coordinating Colors
Hot Cooking Bands, Keeps Everything in Place for the Blind Cook
Hot/Cold Gel Pack, by Camerons keeps food warm or cold in your carrier
Housekeeping and Reminder video
Ice Cream / Cookie Dough Scoop, 4 Fluid Ounce
Ice Cream Dessert Easy
Induction Stove & Cow Thermometer Use for Vision Impaired
JAZ Innovations Oven Rack Guard by JAZ Innovations
Jazz Gift Safety Set - Includes 3 Rack Guards 3 Handle Guards
Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin
Joseph Joseph C-Pump Single-Handed Soap Dispenser
Joseph Joseph Caddy Sink Tidy
Joseph Joseph Chop 2 Pot Large Plus Folding Chopping Board 19 inch
Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Set, includes all utensils
Joseph Joseph Sink Aid Self-Draining Sink Caddy
Junior silicone whisk by Mastrad
Ketchup Clip Bowl - Condiment Bowl That Clamps on the Side of Your Plate
Kid's Laminated RootinTootin Apron by Now Designs
Kid's mini spatulas, bold color & tactile cue handles fit small hands
Kids Silicone Utensils - Help Special Needs Children Learn to Cook
Kitch Devil Oven Pull Removes your oven rack from a distance
Kitchen Liquid Measure Pours Oil & Liquid 1 tablespoon per pour - blindness measuring
Kitchen Measure Set, Oil and Liquid 1 or 2 Tablespoon Automatic Measure
Kitchen Towel Fruit Salad by Mukitchen Combines Fruits and Flowers in a Eye Catching Bright Print
Kitchen Towels for the Latte Lover are Covered in Coffee Drink Mugs, Making them Perfect for The Coffee Lover, in Big Print Design
Koziol Finger Guard Kant, Knife Guard Reduces Cuts
KRONA 2.5 Quart Vented Pot with Straining Lid by NORPRO
Kyocera Ceramic 4.5” Utility Knife for the Blind with great knife skills
Kyocera Ceramics Santoku Knives for Vision loss cooks with Advanced knife skills.
Kyocera Revolution Series 7-inch Professional Chef's Knife, White Blade Special: Free with Purchase 1 Evriholder Cutlery Cleaner, Clean Your Knife without Cutting Your Hands, Cleaning Brush for Knives & More
Laminated Kids Apron, Little Kingdom by Now Designs
Large Silicone Kids Mixing Spatula for Impaired Vision
Large Silicone Spatula 11.5 inch long by Danesco
Lemon Squeezer, Can be used for oranges, limes or most citris
Lid Handle Cover Cool Touch by JAZ Innovations
Lighting for Enhancing Low Vision, VIDEO
Lighting, for vision problems
Little Bakeware Buddy, Nylon Cake Knife
Lunchbox Mini Tool Set, Have everything you need to peel, cut and eat in your lunch tote.
Magnetic Frame Clips Set of 2 -1 Round 1 Square Frames by Chip Clip
Makin Bacon® Microwave Rack, Allows the Excess grease to drip off rather than soak up like traditional microwave bacon racks.
Man Size Apron Oversized Apron with Narrow Navy Stripe Royal, by Now Designs
MAN-LAW Black Leather BBQ Gloves
Mango Salsa
Marking Dots, for Sight Impaired Cooking
Marking Help, Instructions
Measuring Color Coded Value Set of Cups and Spoons
Measuring Cups & Spoons, Large Print Reference Sheet, Bold Colors for legally blind or sight Impairments.
Measuring Video, Help for Visually Impaired Cooking,
Meat Thermometer for blind cooking, fun, easy, audible, 3-preset temperatures, cow shape
Medium Nylon Child's Knife for Low Vision Learning
Melon Cutting Help For The Sight Impaired
Mesh Grilling Basket, Black with one inch flexible sides keep food contained
Microwave Potato Feet provide function and fun for the baked potato lover.
Mini Adjust-A-Cup 2 Tablespoon Measure
Mini Condiment Set of 2 Bottles - Reusable and Ideal for Lunch on the Go & Travel by Lunch Buddies
Minute Ramen Cooker for Pasta & Ramen Noodles in the Microwave
MIX-IT-UP Party Salad & Bread, Video
Mixing Spoon for Low Vision Children by Curious Chef
MSC International L'il Kitch Timer - Mechanical - Lil Kitch - Pink
MUkitchen Cotton Kitchen Towel - Garden
My Favorite Holiday Cookie Recipe's
Nesting Pickpocket Apron by Now Designs
New Chip Clip Animal Clips, Best Friend in the Home or Office
New York strip with pepper horse sauce
New Youk Institute for Special Education
New: 11-Inch Microwave Plate Cover by Nordic Ware
New: 7-Inch Red Silicone Coated Toaster Tongs by Trudeau
New: Cut and Carve Plus, Multi-Function Cutting & Carving Board, Two Sided Cutting Board with Gripper on Both Sides, by Joseph Joseph
New: Cutlery Cleaner, The Safer Way for Low Sighted to Clean Knives And Other Kitchen Utensils
New: Micro-Go-Round 10 inch
New: Microwave Egg Muffin Pan by Nordic Ware
New: Multi Pot with lid by Nordic Ware 6 cup Pot with Lid for the microwave
New: Rachael Ray Lazy Slotted Spoon
New: Rachael Ray Lazy Solid Spoon
New: Rachael Ray Lazy Spoon and Ladle® (2-Piece Set) Rests on the side of the Pot or bowl for less mess while cooking.
No Shiny's
Non-Stick Grilling Mesh Flat Mat -keeps grilled food from falling threw the cracks.
Non-stick Safe Bakeware knife will not scratch your pans as it cuts your food
Nordic Ware Microwave Omelet Pan Cookware Microwave
Nordic Ware Pinata Cake Pan, Make and Fill a Your Cake Easily For Unique Parties
North Pole Check Tea Towels, Set of 3 by Now Designs
Northmate Interactive Slow Pet Feeder, Paces eating for a healthier pet.
Note Clip Multi-Purpose Magnetic Bag Clip, Set of 3 by Joseph Joseph
Nylon Chef Knife adds safety for the elderly or person with vision loss.
Nylon Cookie Turner For Sight Impaired Children
Oblong-Shaped 5 Quart Slow Cooker by West Bend; Bumped Settings for Visually Impaired or Blind Cooking
Original Brown Sugar Bear by Sugar Bears
Out of Sight Cooking Club
Oven Liner Catches Spillovers Rinses Clean In Seconds.
Oven Mitt Sweet Stuff Pink Cupcake Pattern Matches Apron Sweet Stuff for Children or Adults
Oven Mitts for children in bright colors for impaired vision.
Oven Rack Guards, guard against oven rack burns & enhances racks location for the Low Sighted Cook
Over The Sink Colander, by Squish
Over The Sink Cutting Board with Removable Colander
Owl Cotton Flour Sack Towel Gift Set of 2 by MUkitchen
Palm Peeler Vegetable Peeler
PALM PEELER VIDEO, Great Sight Impaired or Hand Impaired Peeler
PalmBrush by Chefn For loss of sight or hand grip problems. This comfortable palm brush slides on a Finger for easy control.
Palmzipper by Chef'n Zips Corn easy Blind Cooks Aid
Parchment Paper Cooking Bags by Regency Wraps
Parchment Paper Cooking Bags for Cooking and Papillote, Set of 4
Parchment Paper Sheets, 12 Inch x 16 Sheets 8 per package
Party Hats & Aprons - Set of 4 by Curious Chef
Pasta Fork with notch handle by Trudeau, no need for spoon rest.
PASTA FRESH, Sight Impaired Cook, Fresh Veggies, Herbs.
Pastry Bags 20ct Disposable bags with 3 tips
Pastry Dough knife with Large round handle grip for hand pain.
Peach Rosemary Lemonade
Peeling Paring Knife 3-Inch, Yellow Handle and Blade by Zyliss
Peppercorn Steak with Horseradish Sauce
Pet Blinker for Large Breed Dogs Will Help You Know Where Your Guide Dog Is When You Are Legally Blind
Pet Blinker for Small Breed Lets You See Your Dog For Up To a Mile
Piece Kids Apron Set for Kids - Red Poppy by MuKitchen, with Hidden Pockets for Tools
Piggy Shaped Pink Pork Thermometer is Tactile, Audible, Easy & Fun with preset temperature
PINEAPPLE VIDEO, for Vision Impaired
Pizza Dough, from Cooking Without Looking Show
Pizza Wheel, Makes slicing easier for people with sight loss
Plastic 1/2 and 1-Ounce Mini Ladle Set of 2 Can be Used for Measuring or Serving .
Pocket cooking simplifies meals for the sight impaired,
Pocket or Pouch Recipes Great option for the Vision Impaired Cook.
Portion Control Dressing Lid, Healthy Salad Dressing Measuring Cap,Gives you the same amount each time.
Portland Plaid Basic Apron by Now Designs
Pot Holder Sweet Stuff, Pink Cupcake Pattern Matches Sweet Stuff Aprons
POURFect 27 Piece Bowl And Measuring Set, Braille Cups, Spoons and Bowls Complete Set with your Choice of 4 Colors
POURFect Bowl 6 & 8 Cup Set
Pourfect Bowl 6 cup
Pourfect Bowl 8 cup makes pouring easy, Made in the USA
PrepStation™ Cutting Board
Princess Apron Set - Includes Hat and Mitt for Children
Pumpkin Trifle, - Easy Holiday Dessert
Purefizz Gift Set, Includes:1-purefizz Soda Maker-1 Set of 10 Co2 Cartridges and Gift with Purchase Fox Run Curved Bottle Brush
Purefizz Soda and Drink Maker by Mastrad
Purple Santoku Chef's Knife, 7-Inch, Purple with Purple Coated Nonstick Blade by Zyliss
Rachael Ray Ladle
Rachael Ray Lazy Tongs sit on the edge of the pot and wait for you to return
Rachael Ray Top-This Suction Lids, never fight with plastic wrap again!
Rack Guards Set of 2 Guards Help Prevent Oven Burns when you can't see the racks
Recipe: Frightful Finger Cookies
Recipe: Pot Pie Recipe
Red Serrated Paring Knife, 4-Inch, Silicone Grip and Cover
Regency Turkey Stuffing Bags, will make holiday meat or bird stuffing removal easy.
Reusable Green Fresh Bags 15" x 9.8" - Prolong Fruits, Vegetable, Flowers & More! 10 PACK
Rice Cube. Let's Make Rice Cool
Round Colander, Colapsable and Stores Flat, 4 Quart Capasity
Safer Burners for vision loss / elderly Induction Cook-tops
Salad Dressing Server That Stirs When You -"Shake" 'n Pour Salad Shake, Green by Zyliss
Salad Shears™ by Chef'n
Salads Sides
Salt and Pepper- visually impaired aide measures 1/4 tsp.
Sasha Bicicletta Retro Big Bow Apron by Now Designs
Scoop Strainer/Colander/Slotted Spoon, Large, Red will grab pasta remove herbs and more by Joseph Joseph
Scrap Trap, Accessibility for disabled cooks - "No bending or running to the garbage".
Set of 3 mixing bowls by Trudeau
Set of 4 Microwave Cooking Set
Set of 4 Mini Food Preparation Bowl - Assorted Color - 125ml each
Shipping Details
Sight Loss Easy Methods Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings
Silicone Baking-Work Mat XLG for Baking or Doughs
Silicone Double Spoon Rest by Trudeau
Silicone Kitchen Tongs with silicone heat protective grip strip by Danesco
Silicone Oven Mitts, waterproof, burn protection added safety for vision loss cooking.
Silicone Pot Lid Rest by Trudeau
Silicone Push Button Cookie Scoop
Silicone Rice Paddle Spoon in Bold Colors Works for Rice or a Great Spoon Too! by Danesco
Silicone Splatter Screen, Trivet, Strainer By Trudeau
Silicone Spoon Spatula by Trudeau
Silicone Whisk with hook wire stays cool for Sight Impaired
Simple Syrup
Sleekstor Collapsible Colander stores flat by Chef'n
Slicing Holder, by Fox Run Adds Safety and Control to Food Preparation
Slicing with Tomato Jole Slicer, Blind Slicing Aide Tool
Small Nylon knife Non-Stick Surface, Bakeware Buddy
Snack - Cookie Caddy, in fun colors Pink, Blue, Green - The Perfect Party Favor
Special Offer: Pink Kyocera Ceramic Santoku Knife, the Knife that Gives 5.00 back to Breast Cancer with each purchase
Special: Pink Handle Santoku Knife by Kyocera
Spice Grinder " Beyond Salt & Pepper" for other spices.
Spice Rack Auto-Measure with Large Print & Braille labels
Spice Rack Looks Good and Measures 1/4 Teaspoon at a time.
Spice Rack that measures for sight impaired
Spoon Spatula, Switchit by Chef'n two ended tool Gets every drop
Spreader with Yellow Handle, Silicone Grip & Serrated Rounded Blade
Stackable Silicone Lids - Set of 3 save money, environment and prevent spills
Stainless Steel Double Coffee Scoop Measures One and Two Tablespoon and has Large Print Stamp on Handle Imprinted
Stay Cool Grips by Trudeau
Staybowlizer, Holds the bowl in place while you work and reduces accidents
Strawberry Huller stem remover no cuts no waste, works on more than just berries.
Strawberry Lover Gift Set Makes Cleaning Berries Fun
Sweet Tooth Betty Apron by Now Designs
Sweet Tooth Sally Apron by Now Designs
Swing-A-Way Opener
Switchit Flex Spoon Lost Vision Cooking help with edge
TacoPropers Set of 4, Holds Your Taco So It Doesn't Get Away!
Terry Cloth Extra Long Soft Elbow Length 18 inch Gloves with fingers
Terry Cloth Extra Soft Elbow Length 18 inch Mitts Provide More Arm Protection for Loss of Eyesight in a Softer Old Style Mitt
The Best Funnel For All Kitchen Jobs is Two Funnels in one Architec's Wet or Dry Funnel for vision impaired.
The Cookbook for Healthy Eyes "Visionary Kitchen" Recipes Support Optimal Health of Ocular Tissues.
The Pot Minder Disk Boil Disk, Keeps starchy foods from boiling over, plus adds more audible tone to the pot noise making cooking easier to manage.
Tiny Tote Bag for the Little Chef's Tools
Tomato Corer
Tomato Corer with Comfort Grip - Larger Handle for Hand Pain
Tomato Slicer & Knife helps you slice anything that fits in the grip - Slicing easy for eye problems
Tomato Slicer Holder by NORPRO
Tortilla Warmer keeps Tortillas Soft and Warm for Your Favorite Dishes, by Cameron's Products
Treat Cupcake and Dessert Cotton Print Towels by Mukitchen, This is a big Print Low Sighted can Enjoy
Trudeau Bamboo Melamine Mixing Bowls, Set of 3
Trudeau Kitchen Shears – Random Colors
Trudeau's Can Opener is Safer, Easier Weak Hands and Compact
Tulz Lemon Saver
Tulz Onion Saver
Tulz Tomato Saver, Helps you make the most of your food dollars
Turkey 1-A
Two Ended Spreader Spatula Switchit™ All-Purpose Silicone Kitchen Tool
Uni-tool The 5-in-1 Nylon Kitchen Utensil - Grey and Green by Joseph Joseph
UPtakeTM Bake and Serve Cupcake Set, Neatly Bakes, Serves Lifts & Carries Cupcakes
Utensil Clips, Hold your utensil so you can find it & reduces mess from drips.
VEGETABLES & HERBS, No Knife Needed for sight impaired
VeggiChop Simple Tool Makes Chopping and Storing Easy
VIDEOS: Basic Skills Series
Vision Impaired Marinating & Trimming Chicken Breasts Part 1
Vision Loss One Pot Recipes
Waffleweave Cotton Dishcloths Set of 3 by Now Designs, Natural Scrubbing Power in the Weave by Now Designs
WIning Pairing Print Set of 2 Tea Towels by Now Designs
Wire Pastry Blender by Fox Run mixes light weight pastry dough
Wooden Spoon-Spatula two ended tool by Chef'n
Wooden Turner "Switchit" two ended tools by Chefn
Zest Grater with Safety Built in for Zesting Cheese, Citris, Nutmeg or any food in a fine grate by Trudeau
Zyliss Interlocking Corn Holders, Assorted Colors Set of 4

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