Color contrast will help vision impaired in finding vision spots or areas of best vision.

Bold color utensils are easier to find because they stand out and are easier to see on a counter or cooking surface.

Always use proper knife safety techniques when using and storing knives.

Wearing silicone heat protection when working with hot surfaces protects you from spills and burns.

"The same if you are sited or not."

You may not have the proper lighting in your kitchen, a simple trip to the hardware store may provide you with some enhanced lighting for areas where you need extra light.

Counter top color can't be changed but, shelf paper large cutting boards or other modes of contrast can be used for enhancing color contrast of work surface to enhance your vision.

You need to make your kitchen Low Vision friendly with silicone, color, light, organization, good use of space, marking, easy access high contrast color tools.

This combined with a few large print or talking items fitted to you, will keep you active and happy in the kitchen.


About Me:

I am not an employee of Low Vision Chef Brian is my husband and so I am the in house voice of vision loss cooking utensils. Videos are done when we feel you need more detail, giving as much audible detail as possible.

Cooking our meals sometimes becomes video time.

I have a Culinary Arts degree and worked as a Chef, Chef and Cook Trainer, Trained Managers, Food director, General Manager and Chef Manager for about 28 years in the food industry.

From onset of the deterioration of my eyesight, I have been testing cooking utensils, techniques and methods.

I would love to share what I have learned with you through my trial and error.

I am legally blind and have RSD / CRPS, all tools take this into account.

Be fully aware that to each person skills are just like our eyesight, different. You may need to adapt some of what works for me, and make it work for your vision and or kitchen.

E-mail Me:

Send e-mail to Attn: Goldie, Brian will pick them up and read for me. Brian@lowvisionchef.

If You Need a Solution to a Product or Help, Call, We will work on the solution.

I am constantly in search of things that make it enjoyable and easy to cook our family meals with impaired vision.

Thank You For Choosing