5 Blade Herb Scissors

Herb Scissors 8 5-Blade Herb by Mastrad
Herb Scissors 8 5-Blade Herb by Mastrad
Item# O-HerbScissors

Product Description

Delicate, aromatic herbs can be easily chopped with the Orka 5 Blade Herb Scissors. Featuring 5 sharp stainless steel blades, these herb scissors not only make chopping herbs faster, but they maintain the integrity of the herbs by not crushing them, as can happen with traditional knives. Perfect for multiple uses around the kitchen, including using on mushrooms, ham, lettuce, and many other foods. The polypropylene handles ensure a safe, sure grip. Hands washing recommended.

Product Features:

High quality stainless steel herb scissors featuring 5 blades

Cut all you aromatic herbs 5 times faster; without damaging delicate stems and leaves

Perfect for other kitchen uses such as cutting lettuce ham, mushrooms, and much more

Handles are covered in polypropylene for sure, safe grip Kitchen chores just got a whole lot faster.

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