Flexible Cutting Mats For Sight Impaired Color Contrast.

Cutting Gripper Mats 4 BOLD Colors
Cutting Gripper Mats 4 BOLD Colors
Item# CH-1101

Product Description

Cutting Gripper Mats 4 BOLD Colors
Flexible Cutting Mats with Non Skid Backing, Made in the USA.

Visually Impaired Advantage

Cut your food on this chopping mat then roll up the edges and use it to funnel your food into the pot or bowl, use for baking also for dry ingredient gathering.


Flexible cutting board that you can see on the counter in bold colors, economical too.


This set is color coded help prevent cross contamination, fish-blue, meat-red, fruit and vegetable-green, poultry-Orange

Or just pick the color that offsets your food or vision best with the ingredient you are working with.

Gripper backing to help hold mat in place on counter for safety.

Shape it,

Bend it,

Funnel it,

easy to shape.

Made in the USA.

11 x 15, Dishwasher Safe.

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