Food Keeper For The Griller will Keep Food Hot, Includes Pan for Easy Cleanup

Grill Warmer with Pan by Camerons Products
Grill Warmer with Pan by Camerons Products
Item# CP14

Product Description

FC Grillwarmer Black with Pan

Product Description

Insulated GrillWarmer Keeps Food warm and keeps pests off food too.

Pan makes clean up easy.

Keep food warm and clean when you are cooking in cool air or if you have a large party to grill for enables you to cook in batches. Includes storage pan for easy cleanup.

Warmer holds 14 Steaks, 18 Burgers or 40 Hotdogs.


Includes Pan

The Surface will stand heat up to 350 degrees

Place your food right off the grill into the warmer pan to keep warm.

Color: Black

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