4 in 1 Grater Tower Grater with Slide Grip for Hand Protection and Safety

Grater 4 in1 Tower Grater by Chef'n
Grater 4 in1 Tower Grater by Chef'n
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Product Description

4 in 1 Food Grater

The perfect grater for loss of sight, it has hand protection a stable base and holds the food inside the tower until you release it to the desired dish you are making.

Yes! So much Shred, so little time!

Designed to meet all your shredding needs, the 4-in1 Grater’s four different grating surfaces and removable base create the cheesiest – and yet mess-free – dishes ever!

Interchangeable slider for protection grips and holds food, glides with your food and protects your hands from cuts.

Large Grater has grips on the top and bottom adding safety and ease to grating of all foods, a rubber grip will prevent slipping as you grate.

Bottom that holds food inside until you open it to release the contents; clear view panels allow you to watch grating level.


• 4 grating surfaces: coarse, fine, hard cheeses and zest

• Removable base for easy clean up

• Secure rubber handle and base

• Stainless steel grating surfaces

• Volume: 6 cups

Color, Stainless and Orange

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