This loop knife is Easy to Hold for Those who are Not Secure in the Standard Knife Grip.

Knife with Loop Handle Small Teeth by Koziol
Knife with Loop Handle Small Teeth by Koziol
Item# K-KnifeSM

Product Description

Loop Knife if easy to hold onto and is a cut above any other nylon knife.

Braille hands causes some grip issues for holding a strong knife pinch grip and the loop handle makes teaching skills easier for those with this issue, because you bypass the common grip hold.

Featuring a both revolutionary and age-old design made of unbreakable plastic.

This size is child or small hand size and has a small serrated blade.

Look knifes have a point if this is a concern.

The shape of Sahsa M was inspired by the knives of the Greenland Inuit people, who originally crafted their tools out of bone.

The handle and blade are smoothly fused into a seamless whole; the oval opening is easy to grasp with the entire hand, allowing the fingers to exert precise control and measured force as necessary.

The serrated edge is most effective when used on soft or pressure-sensitive foods like fruit and vegetables.

Product Features:

•0.79 x 2.28 x 9.76

•Ergonomic, oval, ring-style handle

•Knife cast in one piece

•Serrated cutting edge

•Sturdy and long lasting

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