Pastry Brush Bottle with Seal for repeated use and Storage

Glaze Refillable Silicone Pastry Brush Squeezable Container Interchangeable Brush Heads by Joseph Joseph
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Product Description

When glazing food before baking, it can be time consuming and messy having to keep dipping your pastry brush into a bowl of glaze mixture.

This simple, clever design solves this problem as it has a squeezable, silicone base that can be filled with a variety of glazing liquids.

Conveniently, this also allows it to stand upright between uses.

It comes with two interchangeable heads - one for egg wash and one for sugar glaze - and has flexible, silicone bristles which are hygienic, easy to clean and won't fall out into your food, unlike natural brush bristles.

Product Features:

Unique design holds liquids ready for use and reduces

mess - no need to dip brush in liquids

Includes two interchangeable heads for sugar glazes and egg washes

Flexible silicone bristles won't fall out

Stores upright between uses

Dismantles for easy cleaning - dishwasher safe

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